Our time together is limited and sometimes we take for granted what we have. I remember that when I was a little girls I looked at our family photos for hours and I didn't know that I'll grow up to be a photographer and preserve people in my life or in other's life's as much as I can. I looked at my parents and their friends, how happy they were and how young. Now I still look at those pictures and I think of them as my most precious jewelries. If you truly want something that lasts forever, create an experience for your loved ones and keep a track of their magic.

instant gift vouchers for your loved one/ones


{Sisters} Regina & Maggy

“Dear Katerina, thank you so much for the photos! We both very much love the photos and had a great time with you. So all expectations were met and I'd definitely reach out to you if I wanted more photos on another occasion.”

What's included

After you fill the contact form for your voucher, I'll send you the invoice on your email to make the bank transfer for your purchase.

You have 5 days to make the payment. After the payment is confirmed, I'll send you the personalized voucher to print on your nearest print shop or send it in as a digital gift. After your voucher has been received, your loved one will schedule a date for the session. We will save the date and location and meet you there. Easy and simple! The vouchers do not include transportation to the area you want to meet up. If it's a place downtown, we will meet for free, and if it is outside the city, the transportation will be charged extra. Gift vouchers are available only in Iasi & Bucharest.

To buy one please fill the form below. Thank you and I hope to see you soon!