It's about how everything started

When I started taking photos 16 years ago I didn't knew exactly what I wanted. I only knew that I liked to be close to people. After documenting for a few years some NGO projects/business events/geology projects, I turned to personal photography. Since 2012 I stared taking photos portraits/weddings and entered a new era. I had the discipline from my previous experience as a photographer and it was easy to take a turn. The hard par was to enter in to a industry that I didn't think highly, I always felt like an outsider. I found a solution to do things in my way. After the first 3 years I realized that I was documenting, that was my style. I stayed in touch with most of my clients and pay them visits. Since I noticed that this is my thing, I moved forward and made everything more intentionally.

Now I'm happy to tell that I document families, friends and life itself. It's what I do in my personal life, too. So, if you want to document your family, friends or business, leave a message :).