the process of becoming myself is What keeps me going

Since ever I was in search of experience life through art and I feed my inspiration from painting, reading and watching movies. I’m passionate about history, psychology, botanical illustration and so much more. When I photograph, I want to keep it simple and always use natural light.

My goal is to never stop learning new ways of making art.

My core value is diversity in all its forms.

In my free time I like to grab a coffee and talk to solopreneurs or entrepreneurs friends. I need to stay connected, sometimes as a freelancer you fell lonely, I need to share my fears with "my kind of people" that get through the same problems.

Moving from Bucharest to Iasi was a bold move, but I'm happy I did it. I still have many projects in Bucharest and in the same time I enjoy a more bohemian lifestyle in Iasi.

I'm part of the creative community here in Iasi and I'm grateful for this chance. I'm part of this awesome creative team that helped me so much, Creativ Inainte de Cafea.

Oana Filip is the one behind this project, her idea was to help entrepreneurs like Alexandra to share their stories.

I'm a Sea lover

I love the sea, the wind in my hair, the plants that grow wild and the vast landscapes.

Someday I wish to live somewhere by the sea side.

I have two brothers and one sister

I'm lucky to be part of a big family. I learn a lot from them and I know that no matter what happens to me, I have their support. Every family has it's own dynamics and we make it work by being there for each other.

Some days are not smooth

Being a freelancer can be like a carousell, an emotional & financial one. Some days are dark and some are bright. When the days are dark I go in to writing or drawing my feelings out. It always helps me to remember that a few years ago I was praying for what I have now. Having a few good friends really helps when things are grey.

My core values

It was always a challenge for me to be aligned with my values. It was harder when I started 15 years ago, I was the only freelancer that I knew and everybody around me had a more conservative way of life. Now I feel that I've earned my place in the world. My core values will always guide me: independence, freedom, diversity and kindness.