One on one

If you want your journey to be smoother, I can show you some moves, shortcuts, how to handle a photography business and a plan to get where you want. How to build a contract that keeps you safe, how to price your services and what are the best legal options. Everyone has their signature, that thing that makes them special, I can tell you how I found mine. You can join me and see for yourself how I work at a wedding or other session.

long term mentoring

I was always open to share my knowledge to people around me that they are interested in photography. If you need a long term support and you think I'm the right person to have along your side in your photography journey, I'll be happy to provide feedback, guide you to find inspiration, help you design your own Lightroom preset and best of all, I'll redirect some of my clients to you when you are ready.

short term mentoring

If you just need some adjustments, knowledge from someone with experience that can help you rebrand your business, get things on track, I'm open to help you and do my best to find a solution. I've been up and down and I know how it's like to have no one to help you see the light that is always at the end of the tunnel. Being a freelancer is no easy job. You need the right people by your side and things will get better. Let's talk!