Why work with me?

Because I invest everything in my job: what I read, paint, listen and feel. I like what I do and I'm working to make things better, not comfortable. I feel I've learn a lot about how things work in the last 16 years of doing photography. Photography is not my hobby, I know what I'm doing, I'm a professional certified photographer.

I pay my taxes

I have a business and everything is legal and transparent. You will receive an invoice and a contract for all of my services. I have a personalized payment plan so I can meet everyone's needs.

never missed a deadline

I'm organized, I reply fast to e-mails, I work with care. I understand that this is one of my best competitive advantage on the market: I've never missed a deadline and I care to stay this way.

I want to create an experience

Working together is not just transaction. I see it as an experience we create together. I need & like to create a space where we can feel authentic and operate from there. I want to understand your needs so I can be a better photographer. I care about the outcome of our collaboration. I work intentionally.

2020 delivery packs

2020 Glass & Metal

Most of my couples received the glass box & 50 prints& usb stick with all of the edited images.
2020 is the last year of this package that I loved and used for 3 years, but in 2021 it's time to move on.

included in 2020 wedding offers

Private online gallery

I want to mark the moment when you receive your photos from your event and so I use a beautiful gallery to create a experience for you to share with your loved ones. Your photos can be private or public.

Included in all services

next day Quick preview

Right after your event I'll make a small selection for you to have and share until all the photos are ready. I don't like to make clients wait so I want to share something to make your journey more comfortable.

included only in weddings

2021 delivery packs

2021 Smart albums

Back to basics. Prints are forever. I've found a smart, easy way to preserve them. Check video below! This album cover holds pictures together, you can change pic as you like, just fold and take them out, put others or change the order.

25 photos+album cover

mobile Gallery APP

I always wanted to make an app for my clients so they can have the pictures all the time on their phone. 2021 will be all about keeping your memories close to you.

included for all of my clients

online print store

I have a brand new way for you to make prints very easy- directly from your private gallery. You will have multiple choices for dimensions or paper. I want to encourage everyone to print photos and keep them in their wallets :).

included for all of my clients

instant albums for all