Why work with me?

Because I invest everything in myself. I like what I do and I'm working to make things better, not comfortable. I feel I've learn a lot about how things work in the last 16 years of doing photography. Photography is not my hobby, I know what I'm doing, I'm a professional certified photographer.

I pay my taxes

I have a business and everything is legal and transparent. You will receive an invoice and a contract for all of my services. I have a personalized payment plan so I can meet everyone's needs.

never missed a deadline

I'm organized, I reply fast to e-mails, I work with care. I understand that this is one of my best competitive advantage on the market: I've never missed a deadline and I care to stay this way.

I want to create an experience

Working together is not just transaction. I see it as an experience we create together. I need & like to create a space where we can feel authentic and operate from there. I want to understand your needs so I can be a better photographer. I care about the outcome of our collaboration. I work intentionally.